The Process

Freeflow69 can provide the complete package from the outset to commissioning, providing all the help and interaction the client needs at every stage.


The first step is to contact us by telephone or email. For hydro enquiries it would be helpful if photographs of the site are available and approximately what the water flow rate is (See Poncelet wheel or Archimedes screw page).

If the proposed site is considered viable a site visit will be arranged. This will allow consultation with our engineers to verify the site potential and discuss all available options. We will advise of current tariff’s, how long it will be before the system has paid for itself, and what profitability can be expected. A more thorough feasibility study can be produced if required, looking at the site in more detail.


We provide quotations and include a timeline showing the design, installation and commissioning durations with an estimated connection date.


Our engineers will undertake the design of the system and its installation through close liaison with the client, to ensure the final product maximises the output and minimises the impact on the location.


All aspects of the mechanical and electrical installation including any requirement for ground-works and/or structural work can be undertaken.


The installation will be fully commissioned to the satisfaction of our engineers and the client prior to final connection.

After Sales

You will also be pleased to know that our service does not stop when the system is up and running. We offer a full after sales service, which can be extended on expiry of the warranty period with an ongoing maintenance contract, which ensures you consistently get the best from your investment.

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