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The Westcountry’s renewable energy industry has taken the wraps off a new green energy project that could eventually be hooked up to Cornwall’s unique Wave Hub sea bed ‘electrical socket’ project. The ground-breaking Ocean Energy Rig is designed to perform a dual role, capturing energy from both tidal streams and its in-built wind turbines, and […]

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There is more than enough tidal power in the Bristol Channel to make the whole of Wales self sufficient in energy. The key to achieving this engineering challenge is developing a new type of concrete structure, similar to the Mulberry Harbour used in World War two. The Mulberry Harbour, which was a structure made from

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A revolutionary breakthrough in tidal technology, with a unique system that uses the tidal stream in conjunction with the natural rise and fall of the tide to create electricity, has been developed by a research and development company based in Cornwall. It is hoped that a prospective grant from the Department of Trade & Industry

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A unique and highly innovative UK developed vertical axis turbine that can generate power from the tidal movement of the sea, as well as from tidal rivers and inland waterways, has successfully completed the current phase of its evaluation trials according to its development engineers. The Osprey tidal turbine is the brainchild of Cornwall-based FreeFlow

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A small team of engineers in Cornwall has made a breakthrough with the development of a turbine that they claim could solve the commercial viability of tidal power. The Osprey turbine can be used to create electricity offshore at sea or in tidal rivers and inland waterways. Following successful testing of a model rotor, a

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