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Consultants and Designers in Micro Hydro Engineering

Poncelet Wheel

Making Micro-Hydro Energy available using this novel 1820s Technology with a modern approach. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications up to 100kW.

Archimedes Screw

Ancient Greek technology applied using modern materials and processes for cost and efficiency savings, generating micro-hydro electricity suitable for up to 15kW.

WaterWheel Design

Other types of Water Wheel can be designed to suit specific site locations; for example using Overshot, Breastshot or Zuppinger Wheels. We also design hybrid wheels.

Osprey Project

Osprey Trials

The image above shows the Osprey Prototype Turbine test rig, a 30ft aluminium catamaran manufactured by Able Engineering.

The Osprey prototype is the most promising concept which came out of the research and development, being a simply constructed vertical axis turbine, at the time known as the T.P. turbine now called the Osprey. The key advantages of the turbine are summarised below...

  • Suitable for river and tidal streams.
  • Efficient in variable heights of flow.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Relatively simple to design and manufacture.
  • Easy to maintain, as most of the complex components are above water level.
  • Suitable for third world construction and application.
  • Re-application of existing technology.

Sectional View

Osprey Flow