FreeFlow 69

Consultants and Designers in Micro Hydro Engineering

Poncelet Wheel

Making Micro-Hydro Energy available using this novel 1820s Technology with a modern approach. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications up to 100kW.

Archimedes Screw

Ancient Greek technology applied using modern materials and processes for cost and efficiency savings, generating micro-hydro electricity suitable for up to 15kW.

WaterWheel Design

Other types of Water Wheel can be designed to suit specific site locations; for example using Overshot, Breastshot or Zuppinger Wheels. We also design hybrid wheels.

Ocean Energy Rig (OER)

The OER is another hybrid concept harnessing tidal stream with increased velocity from a venturi system, wave and wind power. This system is floating and anchored to the sea bed, being brought back to dock for servicing or repair.

Below is an artist impression of a prototype.

Ocean Energy Rig

A key element of the Ocean Energy Rig is the Wave Pump;

OER Wave Pump

The FreeFlow 69 Wave Pump is designed to be as simple as possible, using automatic non-return valves and a hydraulic cylinder creating a head of water to be pumped into storage lagoons, then released through turbines in a steady flow.