FreeFlow 69

Consultants and Designers in Micro Hydro Engineering

Poncelet Wheel

Making Micro-Hydro Energy available using this novel 1820s Technology with a modern approach. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications up to 100kW.

Archimedes Screw

Ancient Greek technology applied using modern materials and processes for cost and efficiency savings, generating micro-hydro electricity suitable for up to 15kW.

WaterWheel Design

Other types of Water Wheel can be designed to suit specific site locations; for example using Overshot, Breastshot or Zuppinger Wheels. We also design hybrid wheels.

Delivering Micro Hydro Energy

It is our company policy to develop and advance technology in the following areas of renewable energy;

  • River
  • Tidal
  • Wave


Research & Development

Freeflow69 was established in early 2005 with the aim of researching a unique tidal power concept . During this research a more complex hybrid system that would produce power 24 hours a day, seven days a week, was concieved. The hybrid system combined the strengths of several processes and comprised of 'lagoons with accumulators' and 'tidal turbines'.This was the conceptual "Ocean Hydro Electricity Generator" (OHEG) structurally fixed to the sea bed. Having completed the conceptual design of the OHEG, further research led to other concepts including:

  • The Ocean Energy Rig
  • Wave power devices
  • River powered screw turbines
  • Vertical axis tidal turbines
  • River turbines
  • Water wheels

The most promising concept which came out of the research is a simply constructed vertical axis turbine, called the "Osprey", being suitable for ebb and flood tides and modular in construction.


We are currently producing water wheels for river installations where electricity can be generated economically.

Our products include;

  • Poncelet Wheels
  • Traditional water wheels, which includes overshot, Breastshot and Zuppinger types.
  • Archimedes Screws
  • Hydro turbines


Freeflow69 can provide the full package from initial consultation through to installation and commissioning. A feasibility study of the site can be carried out to assess its full potential, from which our recommendations would be based.

The Team

  • Pat Cooke - Managing Director
  • Howard Redfern - Technical
  • Glenn Cooke - Design
  • Gary Woodward - Production